Wellbeing and Resilience Psychological Service for Children in the Highlands of Scotland

Collywobbles offers high-quality psychological support for children, young people and their families. Our work is underpinned by evidence-based approaches to encourage children to become more aware of the connections between thoughts, emotions, body and behaviour. We aim to help children develop strategies to cope with distress and increase their wellbeing and resilience.

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Research evidence suggests that most adult mental health disorders start in childhood, with half of adult mental health problems starting by the age of 14.

The research tells us that by using evidence based approaches to support children early on we can help many young people to cope with their worries. By intervening early we reduce the chances of psychological problems later on in life.

Image by Senjuti Kundu

Collywobbles offers evidence based psychological therapy to children within Inverness and the surrounding areas. It gives children the opportunity to access early intervention before problems escalate and become more serious.

Collywobbles provides children with a fun and engaging experience of learning to manage their distressing feelings.