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Throughout therapy and group sessions, it may involve discussing some very private things, please be reassured that with the exception of a safeguarding issue anything you disclose will remain confidential and your right to privacy is protected.

All information about you will be stored safely and securely in accordance to GDPR guidance.



Questionnaires will be used at the beginning and end of the programme to measure any psychological change that is taking place. You have the right to opt out if you do not wish to complete the questionnaires.

Person Writing


  • If you threaten to harm another person and I assess this to be a serious threat I am duty bound to protect you and the other person.


  • If it transpires that a child or a vulnerable person is at risk from abuse or neglect, I would need to get in touch with social care services and possibly notify the police depending upon circumstances.


  • If you threaten to cause severe harm to yourself and I assess this threat to be serious we are ethically required to protect you.  In these situations, we would talk to you about relevant services to ensure you are safe. 

Child Psycholgist


Ideally our involvement ends with successful outcomes at the end of our work together. If further support is necessary it may be important to access support through your school or GP to access the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Other reasons for terminating our services include challenging and disruptive behaviour, persistent drug/alcohol abuse, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during classes and disclosing illegal intentions or actions. 

Walking Away
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